Volumes 1 & 2

 Whitewater guide books of the rivers in New York State – by Dennis Squires

From Dennis Squires’ original website:


A White Water Outlaw had been told for years that he should write a book. And he would always say no (but a part of his brain always knew that he would–someday.) It was a long time coming.And just to set the record straight–he never really came that close (many years ago)to really burning down the rafting headquarters. It was just a toxic cloud of smoke that set off the alarm (from his melting polypropylene socks which he’d stupidly put on the heater–and cranked up to 90 degrees.)After years of solo boating, guiding rafts and carrying his boat over mountains in search of a new creek/river to be explored for the first time–an idea was born.

These books are part of a two book series which cover all the whitewater in the state of New York. Many of the river runs described have never been written about before. There is even a list of first descents to be had.

In this new era there are many types of paddling–just within the sphere of whitewater; poling; all kinds of racing; rodeo, play boating; river running; creek paddling…..the Outlaw doesn’t identify with any of these. He enjoys them–but he lays claim to being his own type of boater. Adventure paddling is what it is–playing, creeking, exploring–going places he’s never gone before (too much Star Trek?). It’s the passion to be truly alive.

These books, this website, are here to encourage you–to be a white water outlaw.

Several other books/projects are being planned. Keep watching this site and you’ll see what’s new. Every month you’ll see a new river description–but that would take almost 20 years to see all that New York has to offer if you do it that way. Why not get a book? And one for your friend?

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