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  1. Hi there, I was part of Dennis’s search and was one of the first to be notified of him missing, we searched the river n embankments as much as possible, a friend of Dennis’s came and stayed at our home, he was a top man also, I attended Dennis’s funeral at Gore, it was one of the most beautiful services I have attended,I am reminded of all this as I heard a song tonight which was on a cd that Dennis’s mate sent me after the situation, Somewhere over the rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, beautiful song, I will never forget those days

  2. I worked in Maine in the mid-90’s with Dennis. First time I met him, he had broken his nose diving into a hot tub the previous night and was using a makeshift headband from a ripped t-shirt as a bandage. Dennis was great. As a guy 15 years younger than him, I wanted to be just like him someday. Peace, Bird’s Nest.

  3. I just recieved Vol 1 & 2 today, 9-29-2017. Just thought I would put a date out there pertaining to availability of the books. Thanks Barbara, was great talking with you on the phone.

  4. Dennis entered my life as a legend was I was a complete newbie. His stories seemed incredible. I recall him poised at the top of big drops on the bottom at a time when I could not even fathom doing what Dennis could do – I still can’t. I slowly learned that his stories were not only credible, but true. Tony’s comments about Dennis’ kindness ring absolutely true.

    I’ll never forget the day that Dennis stood in the pond in the rain at Challengers in Old Forge to (almost) teach me how to roll (I was a slow learner). He did however teach me to brace, which Dennis called his “suicide save,” his method of getting down rivers before he had mastered his skills. Thank you Dennis, miss you!

  5. Very nice and heartfelt write up about Dennis. You had me laughing here and there….thank you. I am going to share to Facebook.

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