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From Dennis Squires’ original website:

Now they’ve both broken out!!!

“SPECIAL BULLET-in ” – The man-hunt for the comprehensive whitewater guide for New York State has finally ended. The first escape took place at the Moose River Festival in the fall of 2002. It rained like crazy and everything was running! And two of the runs mentioned in the book as first descents to be had–got paddled for the first time! The second book cut loose just this summer, in June. If you buy your books now–you’ll have in your hands a passport to the best paddling in the northeast–opps!–I mean the best paddling in the country. The word is getting around–it’s getting to be harder for the outlaw to hide out.

Orders are being taken through this web site.

The Whitewater Guide to New York State

The books are titled: NEW YORK EXPOSED:THE WHITE WATER STATE:VOLUME 1 (19.95) and VOLUME 2 (21.95).

Volume 1 covers the north flowing rivers, creeks and play spots in northern New York. Volume 2 covers the rest of the state–it is NOW AVAILABLE. Also keep watching for a book of stories (send me yours and they might get used in the book)which is due next spring. And also now available are all the stories (I’ve tons to them) from Volume 1– on CD (I only have a limited supply of them).

There’s a lot of stuff in these books, they are 6″x 9″ softbound guides with full descriptions of rivers. You will also find: pictures, maps, cartoons, outrageous stories and a glossary of terms that will set the sport back for decades. Between the two books New York State and what it has to offer the whitewater enthusiast are covered very comphrehensively. You’ll even find overnight trips and a list of first descents to be had.

Volume 2 is even bigger than the first book…it’s 280 pages and packed full of information.


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